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Environmental engineering

Why this course - Environmental engineers use the principles of engineering, soil science, biology, and chemistry to develop solutions to environmental problems. They work to improve recycling, waste disposal, public health, and water and air pollution control. They also address global issues, such as unsafe drinking water, climate change, and environmental sustainability.

Duties of Environmental Engineers

Environmental engineers typically do the following:

  • Prepare, review, and update environmental investigation reports
  • Design projects that lead to environmental protection, such as water reclamation facilities or air pollution control systems
  • Obtain, update, and maintain plans, permits, and standard operating procedures
  • Provide technical support for environmental remediation projects and for legal actions
  • Analyze scientific data and do quality-control checks
  • Monitor the progress of environmental improvement programs
  • Inspect industrial and municipal facilities and programs in order to ensure compliance with environmental regulations
  • Advise corporations and government agencies about procedures for cleaning up contaminated sites

Future -

  • Water project manager. ...
  • Senior environmental engineer. ...
  • Environmental health and safety director. ...
  • Environmental engineering consultant. ...
  • Green building engineer.

Power Engineering

Why this course - A "Power Engineer" is a technically skilled and knowledgeable professional who is certified and responsible to safely and efficiently operate equipment and processes that are regulated by boiler and pressure vessel legislation. Power Engineers are also known as: Steam Engineer. Stationary Engineer.

Future -

  • Electric power generation, transmission and distribution. Power Engineers apply their domain knowledge and acumen to design systems and minimize power losses during generation, transmission and distribution. ...
  • Site Manager. ...
  • Data Analyst/ Diagnostic Engineer. ...
  • Maintenance Manager.


Finances and Accounting

Why this course - The curriculum of the Finances and Accounting programme has been designed with market requirements in mind. The courses are taught by our expert faculty, which includes both reputable academics and veteran practitioners. This means that the sub-major you choose, will not only allow you to greatly expand your knowledge, but also you will acquire a set of practical skills, related to the two vast areas – finances and accounting. Studying Finances (Master’s programme) will enable you to more fully comprehend the financial sector, with an emphasis on the international aspects of banking.

Studying Accounting (Master’s programme) will let you dive deep into the field and will prepare you to work as an accountant. After obtaining the accounting certificate awarded by the Minister of Finance, you will also have the option of establishing your own accounting firm.

Future - Graduates of Finances and Accounting can expect to work in many interesting and lucrative positions in various institutions. Your future position depends on the sub-major you choose.


Why this course - Management (Bachelor’s programme) at Vistula University is a three-year programme which can offer a sub-major for everybody. The programme has been designed to best meet the requirements and challenges of modern business. The Bachelor’s programme is focused on teaching solid and up-to-date knowledge of the three pillars of modern business: economics, finances, and management. Practitioners with long records of employment in teaching, will show you how to use your newly-acquired knowledge in your work. If you are looking to study Management in Warsaw, Vistula University is the place for you!

Future- After graduating with a degree in Management, employment in various companies, corporations, NGOs, advertisement agencies and market research agencies, will be within your reach. Your sub-major will define what type of work you will be best suited to find.

With the marketing and sales sub-major, you will be able to find work as a:marketing specialist,

  • sales specialist,
  • customer service specialist,
  • trade representative.

With the project management sub-major, you will be able to find work as a:

  • project manager,
  • project specialist.

With the business management sub-major, you will be able to find work as a:

  • as a store, department, or even regional manager (or assistant manager).

With the human resources management sub-major, you will be able to find work as a:

  • human resources and payroll specialist,
  • recruitment and HR project specialist,
  • human resources management specialist.



Why this course - The course curriculum in the field of Economics is adapted to the contemporary requirements of the labour market. The course combines fundamental theoretical knowledge (with a primary focus on quantitative methods) with developing strong individual skills in such fields as economy, management, accounting, and law. The curriculum meets the needs and expectations of students from Europe and the whole world. The graduates of the Faculty of Economics and Management at Lazarski University are among the best-paid experts according to the ELA system.

As an Economics student:

  • you will acquire knowledge on the challenges and opportunities offered by emerging markets and economies during transition periods;
  • you will expand your analytical skills by conducting research analyses and using various research techniques;
  • you will learn innovative approach methods to business and solving economic problems;
  • you will gain experience working in an international environment through everyday contact with students from all over the world;
  • you will gain managerial skills that are highly valued on the labour market;
  • you can take advantage of a wide range of internships offered by the University and held at international organisations, embassies, State institutions, and advertising agencies;
  • you will gain qualifications that will allow you to establish your own company and assume positions requiring analytical thinking and interpreting the contemporary economic and social transformations;
  • you will be learning from the best: our lecturers are renowned academicians and experienced business practitioners
  • having achieved the BA title, you can continue your education at second-cycle or postgraduate studies at our University.

Future -

  • international corporations
  • other entities operating on the international stage
  • foreign trade entities
  • banks and international financial institutions
  • consulting companies
  • advertising and marketing agencies
  • own business activity

International Relation

Why this course - The course curriculum in the field of International Relations is adapted to the contemporary requirements of the labour market. The curriculum meets the needs and expectations of students from Europe and beyond. The graduates of the Faculty of Economics and Management at Lazarski University are among the best-paid experts according to the ELA system. Second-cycle studies in International Relations are an opportunity to gain insight in the essence of the political process.

As a student of International Relations:

  • you will prepare for the role of a leader with impact on political and social changes;
  • you will learn to conduct comprehensive analyses and assessments of the contemporary economic and social phenomena;
  • you will gain experience working in an international environment through everyday contact with students from all over the world;
  • you will gain analytical and managerial skills that are highly valued on the labour market;
  • you will be learning from the best: our lecturers include recognised academicians from Polish and international universities, experienced business practitioners, as well as current and former diplomats and decision-makers;
  • you will get access to a dedicated tool, which allows you to verify your competences in specific fields. After verification, you will receive a detailed report - a valuable source of information about your strengths for you and your future employer;
  • you will gain qualifications that will help you become a member of a new and highly qualified local and international elite, especially in the field of politics and diplomacy.

Future -

  • diplomatic and consular missions
  • government and political structures
  • central and local government administration
  • international organisations and NGOs
  • corporations
  • media
  • universities
  • scientific, research, and expert centres
  • advertising and marketing agencies
  • own business activity


MSc in Power Engineering

Why this course - The course consists of three semesters. At the first semester the basic subjects are included (e.g. Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Power Plant Technology and Numerical Methods among others). The second semester is dedicated to the Directional Subjects (e.g. Computational Structural Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics) and specialization subjects depending on the selected module. The classes are conducted by researchers from Poland and world recognized foreign lecturers. The study program is tailored to the market needs and taking into account modern scientific trends including: design of energy systems, experimental investigation of energy systems, mathematical modeling of energy systems, and the application of modern computer techniques (e.g. Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Method) for energy systems analysis and design.

The course consists of two modules:

  • Energy Systems, which is dedicated to conventional power plants and systems
  • Renewable Energy which is dedicated to heating systems and renewable energy technologies

Future - The best students have the opportunity to perform master's thesis in collaboration with leading foreign universities and to start the PhD study in Power Engineering.

MSc in Landscape Architecture

Why this course - This programme is meant for students with bachelor degree in Architecture and prepares them for professional practice as architects. The programme of studies is exactly the same as the curriculum in Polish which is a professional degree programme accredited by The Polish Accreditation Committee, The Accreditation Commission for Polish Universities of Technology, the EU evaluation as well as The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) evaluation.

The Master of Architecture programme of studies focuses on a wide range of issues directly affecting contemporary architecture and urban design:

  • Architectural and urban design in the fields of multifamily housing and public use buildings, • Spatial and regional planning,
  • Preservation of monuments and revalorization of urban complexes with design for conservation,
  • Landscape architecture, architecture and planning in the countryside,
  • Building construction systems and building structures,
  • Theory of architecture and urban design as well as spatial and regional planning,
  • History of art, culture and contemporary urban design,
  • Ecology and environmental protection. Design, history, theory and building structure technology are taught to prepare students for professional registration as architects in the European Union.

Future -

  • Environmental consultant.
  • Environmental education officer.
  • Field trials officer.
  • Interior and spatial designer.
  • Nature conservation officer.
  • Planning and development surveyor.
  • Plant breeder/geneticist.
  • Urban designer.


Advanced Mechanical Engineering

Why this course - Advanced Mechanical Engineering is a degree programme directed by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, which includes mechanics, strength of materials, technical materials, automatics and robotics, theoretical and practical training in design, operation and maintenance of mechanical devices, basic principles of machine design, professional computer software for engineers, advanced manufacturing technologies, selected issues in IT, economics, law and environment protection.

Graduates with a degree in Advanced Mechanical Engineering have the qualifications to work in machine design departments of aviation, machine, automotive, home electronics, and machining industries. Graduates also find job opportunities in other organizations where mechanical systems are used and/or serviced and/or maintained.

Future - The skills learned in the course of the degree enable graduates to start up manufacturing and/or service-providing businesses. Such a wide range of career opportunities arises from significant universality of the attained education which includes, apart from the engineering knowledge, also information technology, organization and management, foreign languages, marketing and humanities. During their studies, students also gain a number of soft skills, i.e. group work, time management, team-leading, setting priorities, negotiation techniques.

Computer Science and Information Technology

Why this course - Computer Science and Information Technology, taught entirely in English, is a programme directed by the Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering and the Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics, which presents cutting edge knowledge of a very popular and rapidly developing discipline that computer science is. Student acquire a broad range of competences in information system design, software development and testing, data processing and analysis. Students learn to solve complex technical problems and to face the challenges that this modern and quickly developing specialization brings about.

Future - Graduates with a degree in Computer Science and Information Technology have basic and specialized knowledge of modern computer science, and also basic knowledge of team work organization. The acquired education enables them to find different jobs in technology companies. Graduates are prepared to pursue a career in the area of computer science and related disciplines, also in positions which involve organization of the work of and participation in large interdisciplinary teams. Due to the global reach of consortia operating in IT and ICT sectors, graduates with a degree in Computer Science and Information Technology find employment not only in Poland but also all over the world.

Graduates are prepared for independent learning and can pursue a second-cycle degree in this field of study or related engineering fields. They also can develop professionally by participating in lifelong training programmes.


Automation and Control

Why this course - The Institute of Automation and Robotics of the Faculty of Computing at Poznan University of Technology (PUT), Poland offers Master of Science in Automatic Control and Robotics with specialization Smart Aerospace and Autonomous Systems (SAAS) – Autonomiczne Systemy Latające na kierunku Automatyka i Robotyka.

The last decade has seen a significant increase in research in Smart Aerospace and Autonomous Systems. Now, the field is sufficiently mature to engage in a procedure of education. From an educational point of view in the SAAS program we are interested in developing, modeling, simulating and testing guidance, navigation, control and decision systems for autonomous operation of unmanned aerial vehicle systems, unmanned ground vehicle and autonomous and robot systems. Issues of special interest include the determination of levels of autonomy and integration of control, online decision systems, mission planning, trajectory generation and tracking and limited communication.

The objective of the Master SAAS is to give interdisciplinary degree program providing students with strong foundation in smart and autonomous systems aerospace and terrestrial robotics thorough hands-on experience through projects, assignments and a Master’s thesis. One of the main aims of the proposed program study is to merge all institution efforts under one umbrella such as autonomous systems control. The curriculum’s common core represents electrical, aeronautics, mechanical, control, computer science and engineering. At the end of their curriculum, students will be able to develop and implement reliable, safe economically feasible and environmentally responsible smart aerospace and autonomous systems, and then to advance the technology to make such autonomous systems possible.

Future - Government (Law enforcement, border security, coast guard), fire and rescue (forest fire, emergency rescue), energy sector (oil and gas industry distribution infrastructure, electricity, grids/ distribution network monitoring), communication broadcasting, surveillance, agriculture – forestry fisheries (environmental monitoring, crop dusting, fisheries protection) and others.

Engineering Management

Why this course - The graduates from the Management have a vast knowledge on different functional areas of enterprise like: strategic management, business planning, controlling and financial management, marketing management, engineering management, logistics, production management, total productive maintenance, quality management and human resource management.

Future - Knowledge acquired during studies allows the graduates to apply for job where they can solve problems in the following areas: restructuring of enterprises, problems of the economy transformation, globalization and entrepreneurship, information management systems, management systems design, logistics systems, implementing new management concepts, network company, virtual enterprise, methods of industrial product marketing, ergonomics and work environment engineering. The graduates have also wide knowledge concerning new forms of business organizations like lean and agile enterprises. They very often get managerial positions in companies. The graduates are also prepared to run their own business.


Administration in International Organizations

Why this course - Set up by the Rector of the University of Wrocław (order number 36/2011 on April 11, 2011) the masters program of Administration in International Organizations at the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics at the University of Wrocław is a unique opportunity to obtain a master's degree in administration. Our two-year program is highlighted by small class sizes (25-30 students) and takes place in a real University atmosphere in close contact with an exceptional teaching staff. Today international organizations have become vital for the successful operation of public administration and their employees. Our program offers the possibility to gain extensive knowledge of this international environment.

Future - An additional advantage of our program is that students will receive extensive exposure to technical English language in the field of public administration, law, economics, management, sociology of organizations, etc.)


Why this course - Students are expected to have the basic chemistry skills obtained from the bachelor courses. The Master of Science program (2 years) is offered in the curriculum: Advanced Synthesis in Chemistry. The studies are closely related to the research at the Faculty - we believe that the best teaching is linked to research and we ensure that our programs are dynamic and up to date. Students are offered state of the art courses of advanced synthetic techniques and instrumental methods used in structural studies as well as variety of classes presenting correlation between structure of chemical compounds, both organic and inorganic, and their reactivity. Both curricula were elaborated by leading scientists, specialist in their area. Students can join each of the research groups at the Faculty and take part in scientific research. It is expected that Master thesis should contain a new scientific results which can be published in international journals.

What we offer:

  • Top ranked chemistry department
  • Teaching excellence
  • World-leading research
  • Highly supportive chemistry community
  • Great networking opportunities
  • Fantastic career prospects

Future -

  • Pharmaceutical/chemical sales.
  • Forensic chemist.
  • Biochemistry/biotechnology.
  • Agricultural chemist.
  • Material science.
  • Food and flavor chemist.
  • Water quality chemist.


Master in Finance and Accounting

Why this course - The Master's Program in Finance and Accounting has been accepted into the CFA Institute University Recognition Program. This status is granted to institutions whose degree program(s) incorporate at least 70% of the CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK), which provide students with a solid grounding in the CBOK and positions them well to sit for the CFA exams.

Graduates of the program benefit from exemptions from most of the papers on the fundamental level ACCA Qualification (F1-F5, F7, F9; additionally students from the Corporate Reporting and Accounting specialization are exempted from F6 and F8) and can expect to have a wide range of career opportunities in all areas of business.

Kozminski University is an academic partner of the CAIA Association.Becoming a partner of the CAIA Association, a global network of more than 9,000 alternative investment professionals located in more than 90 countries, gives our students access to CAIA's vast databases and the possibility to get a special scholarship.

The Master's Program in Finance and Accounting is designed in close cooperation with practitioners - representatives of companies and financial institutions. It delivers in-depth specialized knowledge and develops skills of analyzing complex business problems through combining financial and accounting information with knowledge from other areas.

Future -

  • A specialist in finance, financial analyst, or manager in organizations dealing with financial services (banks, insurers, mutual funds, broker services), international corporations or the public sector.
  • A controller, an accountant, an auditor, or an accounting specialist in a related field (professions that have proven to be resistant to the financial crisis). The program prepares its participants for work in both the private and public sectors.
  • A specialist in any department of a company related to finance and accounting
  • A specialist in Anti-Money Laundering and compliance departments of international banks


Why this course - The purpose of this program is to allow lawyers to broaden their knowledge in international aspects of law, commerce and other chosen fields. The program is based on the experience of some of the best American and European law schools, and the curriculum is similar to LLM programs offered at Western universities. The prestigious LLM diploma, an equivalent of the MBA in the field of management, guarantees access to the knowledge of international regulations at an advanced level and allows to compare Polish and international regulations. The international character of the program (delivered fully in English) helps participants to prepare to work with international clients.

The program is designed for holders of master degrees in Law who are interested in broadening their knowledge in the area of international legal regulations. As it is delivered fully in English knowledge of the language confirmed by a recognized certificate is required to participate.

Future -

  • Compliance Director
  • Legal Consultant
  • Federal Regulatory Agent
  • Private Investigator
  • Court Administrator