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If you are seeking a unique study abroad experience in Europe, you should choose the Czech Republic. When it comes to higher education, it offers such a high-quality education that is accepted all over the world. Are you looking forward to study in Czech Republic? Here is the complete guide for you.

Why study in Czech Republic?

There are plenty of reasons which will answer your question. Here are a few benefits of studying in Czech Republic:

  1. The country offers a wide range of courses in each field of study to international students.
  2. One of the major benefits of studying in the Czech Republic is that this country is counted among the affordable countries in Europe. It offers food, accommodation, transport facilities- as a student, etc at a very reasonable price.
  3. One of the safest countries in the world, it stands tall among international students compared to other countries.
  4. The Czech Republic has a high-quality educational system.
  5. Studying in the Czech Republic enhances your employment opportunities and will build an excellent courier.
  6. The country offers a good number of scholarships for international students.

Study in Czech Republic universities

There are around 70 higher education institutions in the Czech Republic. Charles University was founded in 1348 AD, which makes it the oldest university in the country. This proves that the higher education system of the Czech Republic is more than 650 years old. Here are the top universities in Czech Republic.

  • Charles University
  • University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague
  • Czech Technical University in Prague
  • Masaryk University
  • Palacký University Olomouc
  • Brno University of Technology
  • Mendel University in Brno
  • Technical University of Liberec
  • Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague
  • University of Pardubice

Other international universities in Czech Republic are:

  1. University of Liberec
  2. Anglo American University
  3. Czech College
  4. MIAS School of Business
  5. Czech University of Life Sciences
  7. The University of New York in Prague

Best Courses to Study in Czech Republic for international students

The country has a broad spectrum of options for the study programs. International students can find a suitable course in Czech Republic. Here are a few popular courses in Czech Republic among international students:

  1. Study Economics in Czech Republic
  2. Study medicine in Czech Republic
  3. Study international management in Czech Republic
  4. Study Dentistry in Czech Republic
  5. Study Architecture and Urban Design in Czech Republic
  6. Study culinary arts in Czech Republic
  7. Study Computer information system in Czech Republic
  8. Study nursing in Czech Republic
  9. Study Business and Law in the international market in Czech Republic
  10. Study Journalism and Communication in Czech Republic

Study in Czech Republic without IELTS:

It is necessary to submit language proficiency proof to study abroad in Czech Republic. If you are unable to provide the proof, some universities provide Intensive English Language programs. You can enroll before the beginning of the actual program to reach the level of proficiency required for the course.

So it is possible to Study in Czech Republic for Indian students and other international students without IELTS. You can also ask the officers of the university, whether you can apply if you’re previous education was in English medium. The other option is to take CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) or appear for any of the placement tests for the language offered by the Universities.

Study in Czech Republic in English

The Czech Republic has a welcoming culture and attracts more and more students from other countries. There are more than 100 courses available in the English language in 45 Universities in the country. Here are a few courses offered in English in Czech Republic.

  1. Study Dentistry in Czech Republic in English
  2. Study economics in Czech Republic in English
  3. Study Law in Czech Republic in English
  4. Study nursing in Czech Republic in English
  5. Study engineering in Czech Republic in English
  6. Study management in Czech Republic in English

The country itself has a large number of English speakers, making it easier for international students to come to the country.

Student Life in Czech Republic

The International student community in Czech Republic is very large, and cultural diversity prevails all over the country. The people in this country are very welcoming to the foreigners coming to their country. The Czech Republic has always been of historical significance in Europe, and the heritage sites of the country prove that.

There are 4 national parks in the Czech Republic having more than a thousand square kilometers, reflecting the natural beauty of the country. Apart from studies and sightseeing Skiing, Water Sports, hiking, and climbing are some of the activity’s students can do in their free time to refresh themselves.

Study in Czech Republic scholarships

The Cost of studying in Czech Republic is cheaper than in other European countries. Yet some international students find it difficult to afford. Students from other countries wishing to study at the Czech university have various options to obtain financial help. These can be in the form of

  • University scholarships,
  • Government Scholarships,
  • Scholarships under Bilateral or multilateral international agreements.

Students can either get scholarships based on the fantastic academic record or one’s financial needs to study in the Czech Republic.

Czech Republic Student Visa

Depending upon the duration of your studies you can choose the study visa for Czech Republic. There are short-term visas which are for up to 90 days and long-term visas which are for more than 90 days for international students. Here is the list of documents you will require for the student visa in Czech Republic:

  • Duly filled student visa application form
  • Proof of admission at the university in the Czech Republic
  • Valid passport
  • Score sheets of entrance exams.
  • Proof of financial resources for studying and living in the Czech Republic. For example, bank statements or scholarship information
  • Confirmation of accommodation
  • Valid international health insurance
  • Copy of a criminal record report

The processing time for a Czech student visa is 60 days, so the students are advised to apply for a visa in advance. Students who need to stay in Czech Republic for more than a year will also need to get a residence permit for study purposes.

Study and Work in Czech Republic

International Students can work part-time jobs while they are enrolled in a university for higher education in Czech Republic. Beginning from the first year of study, students have the right to officially work 20 hours a week. Students are also allowed to work full time during the summer holidays.

Many students in the Czech Republic work during their studies. The part-time job is just for supporting your day-to-day expenses, but it should not affect your studies in any way. These jobs are helpful to finance your everyday living expenses as well as tuition fees in Czech Republic.

Stay in Czech Republic after study

After completion of the study program in Czech Republic, you can stay in the country. You can opt for any one of the options given below to stay back in Czech Republic after your studies:

•   You can apply for the next level of higher education, such as opting for a Master's degree after the Bachelor Degree.

•  You can apply for a long-term residence for 9 months and seek a job or start any business in the Czech Republic.

The students are eligible for a work permit in Czech Republic once they graduate from a university. However, non-EU students are recommended to look for a permanent job in Czech Republic before the completion of their study program. Students need to prove that they have secured permanent employment, which is best suited according to their qualifications.