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In recent years, Italy has become increasingly popular among international students. They go to the country to take advantage of its high standard of education and multiple academic options that are available. Universities in Italy are some of the most prestigious universities, not only in Europe but also all around the world. Here is the complete guide for you to know about studying in Italy.

Top Reasons to Study in Italy

Italy is widely known for being an education hub of Europe and is home to impressive universities which feature in the QS World University Rankings 2022. Here are some of the main reasons for international students to study in Italy:

  • The colleges and universities in Italy conduct their classes, programs, and courses in English also. This means international students can now study in any of the universities in Italy even if their Italian is decent or poor.
  • Italy is popular for its food, fashion, and football. An international student who wants to study abroad in Italy will get plenty of options to enjoy his or her stay in the country, along with working hard for building a bright future.
  • Italy has built a large number of scientists and researchers. It has one of the best infrastructures for research and development.
  • The world-class infrastructure and firm in Italy's resolve to promote the best talent, whether home-grown or foreign, ensures that it maintains its high academic standard even today, amidst stiff global competition.
  • Italy’s higher education system consists of 3 levels, Bachelor's degrees, Master's degrees, and doctorates. Whether you have just completed your schooling or are a graduate student, you are covered. Italy always maintains parallel international standards when it comes to Education.
  • Every year a large number of students move to study in Italy to pursue higher studies. An international student will never feel isolated and alone in this atmosphere. Studying abroad in Italy, therefore, means the chance to meet a lot of new people from different countries, and make friends.

Best Courses to Study in Italy

Universities in Italy offer a wide range of courses in both languages, English and Italian for international students. Choosing the right course to study in Italy is an important step in your career. Some of the popular courses for international students to study in Italy are:

  • Study Architecture in Italy
  • Study art in Italy
  • Study medicine in Italy
  • Study Social Science & Humanities in Italy
  • Study law in Italy
  • Study Product Designing in Italy
  • Study Engineering in Italy

Top Universities in Italy

In the QS World Universities 2022 list, 41 universities in Italy are listed. This means Italian universities are popular all around the world. Here we have mentioned the top 10 universities in Italy:

  • Politecnico di Milano
  • Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna
  • Sapienza University of Rome
  • Università di Padova
  • University of Milan
  • Politecnico di Torino
  • University of Pisa
  • Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele
  • University of Naples - Federico II
  • University of Trento

Requirements to Study in Italy

Once you have decided to study in Italy, you will be needed to apply to a university. The application process will vary with the universities, but there are some common requirements that you can fulfill to apply to a University in Italy. Here is the study in Italy requirements:

  • Identity Proof
  • Passport size photograph
  • Transcripts (Mark sheets and Certificates)
  • Application Form
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Italian or English Language Proficiency
  • Official SAT or ACT scores

Study in Italy Scholarships

University scholarships are the best way to support yourself financially when your budget is low. Italian universities offer many scholarships to international students. Generally, the scholarship programs are offered based on merit and financial needs. Scholarship details are given on specific websites or portals of some of the universities. Some of these scholarships cover the whole tuition fee and living expenses.

Student visa for Italy

To move to Italy to attend classes, international students will require to obtain a student visa. To get a student visa, you will have to submit some of the supporting documents along with the filled application form. Some countries might take visa interviews as well. Below are the documents required to apply for an Italian student visa.

  • Entry visa application form
  • Recent passport size photograph
  • Valid travel document (Passport)
  • Proof of arranged accommodation in Italy
  • Proof that you have enough funds to support your studies in Italy
  • Paid health insurance
  • Copy of the previous educational certificates
  • Acceptance letter from an Italian university
  • Receipt of the visa application fees

Work and Study in Italy

Whether a student is studying to become a graduate, or is pursuing a Masters, he or she can find employment that will help him or her to earn while studying for a degree. Living in another country requires lots of money, and working while studying in Italy is a great way to earn it. One can continue working after graduation if the students seek the necessary permission from the government.