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Immigration visa

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Immigration visa

The universal symbol for any country to allow a foreign citizen to reside there is called the visa. It is derived from the Latin term ‘charta visa’, known as ‘verified paper’ in English. This documentation allows people to reside within its boundaries and to travel within and outside the country. The mere possession of a visa, however, is not a guarantee of citizenship and can be revoked at any point of time. The visa could be for you or your family and spouse if you are already a citizen of the country.

There are a number of processes one needs to conduct and lengthy documentation that is required when one is applying for the variety of visas available. These processes need to be thoroughly understood before the process can be undertaken and before the visa is given. The visa allows one to start a life in another country, to work and raise a family. But the process can be time consuming and even tiring for those who are unfamiliar with it. Each country has its own specific processes to provide visas to prospective immigrants and these need to be understood thoroughly before embarking on the process.

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Various applications need to be filled, and the norms for these applications need to be studied carefully for the same. The right intent needs to be shown and exhaustive, multiple rounds of interviews are also conducted so as to make sure that the former is sound. The immigrant, or immigration visa, is essentially a proof of the citizen’s legal right to live in the country of his or her choice. There are a number of documents that need to be submitted and each has to be carefully checked before submitting. There is also a lot of preparation that needs to go into the interview preparation which ensures that you do not stumble at this crucial step.

Each of these steps requires a professional hand in order to ensure that the application of the individual is not rejected. The laws, rules and regulations of each country are unique and we, at Edification Overseas Education, make it a point to stay abreast of any changes occurring in the same. The importance of having professional support for your immigration visa application can never be understated. A simply misstep will ensure that you miss out on fulfilling what is a dream of millions around the world. Simple things like having the right documents, or being well prepared for the interview and having updated information on the latest on the immigration laws can be a gamechanger for your application.


The norms for permanent residency differ greatly between countries. These norms, too, keep changing as the country changes their immigration protocols due to global situations and local demand. Permanent Residency visa, as referenced by the name, grants an individual the status of a permanent resident of the country. This makes the individual eligible for the various benefits granted by the country to permanent citizens.

At Edification Overseas Education we take great care to provide you with a required document list which ensures that there are no loopholes in your application. Your application form needs to be filled properly to ensure that all the data matches that of the documents you submitted. If you are intending on traveling to the destination country with dependents they need to be declared as well. The complete background information, supplementary travel information and family information is also crucial in case of dependents. Making sure that your travel documents are updated and essential copies are attached with the applications is very important.

English speaking countries almost always require a proof of English proficiency before they grant a permanent residency visa. Examinations like IELTS, TOEFL, PET, and other similar examinations become very important in situations like this. An individual must also have attached their work experience and reference letters to their application as it lends a great deal of credibility to it. Make sure that you have enough passport photographs for this process, having different sets of photographs is okay but not advisable. The police clearance certificate and medical clearance certificate are two of the last few steps in obtaining permanent residency. These certificates inform the country you are going to about your standing as a citizen and of the fact that you are healthy to make the move to that country. All the documents that are being attached to the application need to be attested and be affixed in the right order wherever necessary. These things are where having an expert, like Edification Overseas Education, comes in very handy as these tiny details can make or break your application.